Hi! Let me talk a bit about myself, without boring you I hope. I am a Machine Learning engineer & researcher, currently focusing on Reinforcement Learning and Game Theory.

Professional Me Now

I have recently finished my Masters degree at University of Alberta where I was supervised by Martin Mueller and Ryan Hayward. My thesis titled Dark Hex: A Large Scale Imperfect Information Game was on a zero-sum imperfect information game called Dark Hex. I have also worked on some open source projects including DeepMinds very own OpenSpiel. We are expecting multiple papers to be published soon!

Professional Me Before

Let me mention my background a little more! I have started my programming career, and interest a year before my undergrad with mobile app development. I have learned Swift and iOS development and have completed multiple projects with multiple teams. After the first year I have shifted my interest on competetive programming. This marks also the time I got really involved with my community and got managing positions on my universities ACM branch. I have then participated ACM-ICPC competitions multiple times, and thought lectures at our ACM branch to people who were also interested in competitive programming. I have created an open source curriculum for studying competitive programming and coding questions in general that received a lot of interest from the community (ACM-ICPC Curriculum).

Last 2 years of my undergrad was where I got really interested in Machine Learning. I have taken multiple courses on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and have also taken a course on Reinforcement Learning. I got a gold medal on HackHouston hackathon with a successful machine learning project (MLRPro). With this new interest, I started looking for more opportunities to develop my skills and hopefully apply them on a real world project. NASA gave me an oppotunity at that moment, I have worked with a professional team, and brought a real-life working product under their tool belt.

I applied for Masters degree at University of Alberta due to my extreme interest in Reinforcement Learning, and got accepted. During my wait I have got a short Computer Science teaching position.

When I got to UofA, I took on a project with Martha White on Co-Agent Networks. After a while I discovered my interest on Imperfect Information Games, or Partially Observable Environments. I then started working on Dark Hex, and got supervised by Martin Mueller and Ryan Hayward. During this period I have learned a lot on Game Theory, and took Advanced Reinforcement Learning class from the legend himself, Richard Sutton.

During these times I have had a lot of teaching experience. I TAed many times, I thought many classes voluntarily as well. I have thought Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Python, C++ and many more.

For the past year, I took up Blender and learned 3D modelling and sculpting. For the past couple months I also have learned Unreal Engine, and have been working on it since.

Personal Me

Other than my professional background: I love going outdoors; the fresh air and the quiet is just phenomenal. I love reading, especially philosophy, you can follow me on my goodreads. I enjoy baking, I am pretty sure my friends do too. I love playing soccer and volleyball when I get the chance. Time to time I play some Dota 2 or FIFA with some friends. I also did a lot of professional Graphic Designing during my undergrad. I still do it as a hobby, I am specialized on logo design and branding. I have a Behance account if you are interested.

I am recently working on my youtube channels, one for my blender projects where I sculpt and model, and the other is for lecture series I have been developing on certain expertise I have. Currently three series are on the way: Introduction to Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, Imperfect Information Games, and Single Agent Reinforcement Learning.