Hello everyone! I’m excited to share my progress for the second week of my Blender challenge. This week’s focus was on modeling and geometry nodes, but my journey took a slightly different path as I delved into procedural workflows and coding.

Initially, I spent 4-5 hours creating a low-poly scene, which was a great way to ease into the week. Following that, I decided to explore geometry nodes by following a tutorial. This experience made me realize that working with geometry nodes is quite similar to coding. This realization inspired me to dive into learning Python API for Blender instead of sticking to the initial plan.

As a result, I shifted my focus and dedicated my time to creating a building generator add-on using Blender’s Python API. The add-on, which I named “MagicBuilder,” can be used to generate various building designs effortlessly. You can check out some images generated using the add-on here.

https://github.com/BedirT/Blender-MagicBuilder/raw/main/img/building.gif https://github.com/BedirT/Blender-MagicBuilder/raw/main/img/sample.png https://github.com/BedirT/Blender-MagicBuilder/raw/main/img/brick_houses_lr.png

Developing the MagicBuilder add-on was time-consuming but ultimately rewarding, as it allowed me to explore a whole new aspect of Blender.

In conclusion, even though I only managed to produce two models this week, I gained valuable experience in procedural workflows and Python scripting in Blender. This week’s challenges have not only improved my Blender skills but have also given me new ideas and tools to incorporate into my future projects.

Stay tuned for my progress in Week 3, where I’ll be focusing on animation! As always, I appreciate your support and feedback on my Blender challenge journey. Happy blending!