Hello fellow art enthusiasts and creative explorers!

As a beginner in digital sculpting, I’ve been eager to learn and grow in this fascinating world of digital art. It’s been about eight months since I started using Blender, and I recently got my hands on a Huion 22 Pro tablet to enhance my creative experience. Today, I wanted to share my first ever piece using this tablet, and talk a bit about the process and how I feel about the new tool!

Introducing my latest creation: Moanster. Moanster is a quirky, whimsical character that reflects the fun I’ve had exploring digital sculpting. While I still consider myself an amateur, I’m excited about the progress I’ve made so far and the opportunities to grow and learn in this art form.

Now, let me tell you about my experience with the Huion 22 Pro tablet. As this was my first piece using the tablet, I was pleasantly surprised by its user-friendly design and the smooth learning curve. The 21.5-inch display and 1920x1080 resolution provided ample space to work on, and the pen pressure sensitivity allowed me to experiment with different strokes and techniques. The tablet’s responsiveness and natural feel made it easy for me to transition from traditional to digital sculpting.

Back to Moanster! This imaginative creature came to life as I sketched out a concept that I hoped would make people smile. The process was both enjoyable and challenging, as I navigated the new tablet and continued refining my skills in Blender. While there’s still plenty of room for improvement, I’m content with how the piece turned out and the experience I gained throughout the process. The complete sculpting took about 2 hours, thanks to my new toy!

In conclusion, my digital sculpting journey has been a rewarding one, and I’m looking forward to discovering new techniques and honing my skills. The Huion 22 Pro tablet has made a positive impact on my creative process, and I’m excited to see what future projects will look like using this tool. Thanks for joining me on this artistic adventure, and I can’t wait to share more of my progress with you all!

Until next time, happy sculpting!