Tools Used: Unreal Engine, C++, Blender

Topics: Unreal Engine, Game Development, Imperfect Information Games


Dark Hex Online is a multiplayer version of Dark Hex. It is a game where players can play against each other, or against the AI. The game is built on Unreal Engine 5, and is currently in development. The game is still in early stages.

We are hoping to release the game on Steam, and we are currently working on the Steam integration. We are also working on adding more features to the game, and improving the game.

The reason we are building this game is to make Dark Hex more accessible to the public. We want to make it easier for people to play the game, and to make it easier for people to train agents. We are also hoping to make it easier for people to develop new strategies, and to come up with new ideas. On top of this we want to present a platform where people can play Dark Hex, and have fun, and hopefully build a better community around the game.

Todos and Progress

  • Design the game; pieces and board. (Blender)
  • Create a dynamic board system.
  • Setup lighting and camera.
  • Setup piece movement and effects.
  • Setup ghost cell system.
  • Setup the game logic. (Hex)
  • Setup the game logic. (Dark Hex)
  • Network setup / online multiplayer.
  • UI design and implementation.
  • Adding the trained agents.
  • Adding AI arena and easily addable AI systems.
  • Setup Steam integration.
  • Setup ranking system / leaderboards.
  • Intro and tutorial.
  • Different game modes (Abrupt, Flash DH, Noisy DH, etc.)